Peace in Glory
— House Bishop Motto

Bishop is one of the four Houses at Salem Witches' Institute. Founded by Sarah Bishop, this House values bravery, justice and determination. The emblematic animal is a Florida Panther, and its colors are gold and gray.

Bishop roughly corresponds to the element of air, and that is the reason why gray in particular was chosen to represent the house. The gold color corresponds to the coat of the Florida Panther.

Traits Edit

Flashy, daring and impulsive, the Bishop house has a natural flair for showmanship. This house is known for their courage and willingness to go the extra mile. Bishop students are also the most honorable out of all of the houses, as they value justice greatly. They do have a tendency to forcefully impose their values and ideas onto other people, but it's usually with good intentions.

The flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long, however.

Bishop students tend to be a bit hotheaded and reckless. They like to live in the moment rather than consider the eventual consequences of their actions. The Bishop house does have a dark streak much like the other houses, in which that many of their students have a hero complex. They want to be recognized, they want to save the world, and they have the drive to make it happen, for better or worse.

Of course, bravery comes in all shapes and sizes, so even if your courage is the small voice saying "you're scared but you can do it," you can consider yourself a true Bishop.

Reputation Edit

The Bishop house values bravery and justice above all, and as a result alumni from the Bishop house have gone on to carve their names into history for doing heroic deeds.

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House Traditions Edit

Initiation Edit

Out of the four houses, Bishop predictably has the most daring and potentially dangerous initiation. After being sorted into the House that values bravery above all else, it's necessary for the brand new Bishop first years to prove their courage.

At midnight, all of the first years are woken up and taken to the highest floor of their residential building. Many Good students participate in initiating the first years by following them up to the top floor and forming a crowd by the door so that first years cannot run away, but the initiation is largely carried out by the seventh years. Up by the window, the seventh years coax, intimidate, threaten, and bribe the first years to jump out of the window. At the bottom, another group of seventh years are all prepared to cast Arresto Momentum to break their fall and get them down safely.