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Similar to how the muggle world has animals, the wizarding world has creatures. Creatures are made up of both magical and non-magical entities and are often unseen by muggles — or interpreted as something differently when they are actually seen. Many creatures have been the origin of several muggle urban legends, myths and even "alien-sightings" and may sound familiar to many muggles.

Most wizards however, know better.

Classification Edit

Using the guidelines set by the Ministry of Magic in 1811, the Republic of Magic classifies all creatures as one of three broad categories.

  • Beasts — A magical creature that doesn't have the intelligence to understand the magical community's laws or has the ability to help shape and uphold them.
  • Beings — Any creature that has sufficient intelligence to understand the magical community's laws and has the responsibility in shaping and upholding the law.
  • Spirits — A magical creature that is not quite living.

Republic Rating Edit

The Republic of Magic's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures classifies magical creatures by perceived amounts of potential danger on a rank.

  • Rank D — Domesticated / Harmless / No threat to muggles
  • Rank C May be domesticated / Mostly harmless / Minor threat to muggles
  • Rank B — Competent wizards can handle with little potential of harm / Moderate threat to muggles
  • Rank A — Dangerous / Must be handled by a specialist / Moderate threat to wizards
  • Rank S — Impossible to train or domesticate / Major threat to Wizards

Mythological Creatures Edit

Many mythological creatures in the muggle world exist in the Wizarding World. However, even the Wizarding World has mythological creatures that are considered to exist in fables only. These creatures have no classification due to the fact that it is believed that they don't exist.

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