Appearance Edit

The Snallygaster is a breed of dragon found only in North America. Though it is around the same height and length of a Hungarian Horntail, it is a lot thinner and lanky in body. A Snallygaster has regular dragon scales except for, oddly, on its snout - the snout of a Snallygaster is covered in hard, metal-like scales that reflect like a mirror. A Snallygaster’s talons and teeth are made of the same material that the scales are made out of. The Snallygaster’s most unusual quality are the tentacle like tongues in its mouth that can reach impressive lengths - the tongues are used to ensnare small prey quickly when swooping in, much like a frog with a fly. Female Snallygasters have a hard ball at the end of their tail used to bat enemies aside, typically used when protecting their young. Snallygasters do not breathe fire.

Behavior Edit

Do not, under any circumstance, approach a Snallygaster without proper training. They are incredibly aggressive and are known to not be picky with what they eat - some Snallygasters have even gained an appetite for some plants, but don’t let that fool anyone, all Snallygasters are meat-eaters and cannot survive on only plants. Though rare, there have been accounts of cannibalism happening. Despite their aggressive nature, like bees, Snallygasters will leave people alone as long as they are not bothered and they tend to be solitary creatures that like to keep to themselves - a herd of Snallygasters is a rarity, indeed. Only one such instance of Snallygasters having been living together has been recorded, and it ended with the mother Snallygaster killing the male Snallygaster when it attempted to kill their young. Male Snallygasters are noted to kill all male Snallygasters in their territory when mating with a female Snallygaster, even if the Snallygaster is young or one of their own. Female Snallygasters are fiercly protective of their young and have responded to distress calls from fully grown offspring before, this is less rare than one would think. Once a Snallygaster is a mom, they are always a mom. A Snallygasters natural enemy is a Dewayo.