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Name Edit

The student's name (and any preferred diminutives they may prefer to go by) are recorded here.

Date of Birth Edit

The student's birthday is recorded here along with their age. Often this is checked to ensure no mishaps have occurred, and that only students between the ages of eleven and eighteen are accepted in.

Blood Status Edit

No distinctions are made other than Pureblood, Half-Blood and Muggleborn. The files of Squibs are automatically set alight. Those of creature heritage have this scrawled in parenthesis to the right.

Year of Study Edit

First through Seventh year, updated automatically once established.

House Edit

Tituba, Warren, Bishop or Good. This will be updated automatically once the Sorting Ceremony has concluded.

Home Address Edit

Where our correspondence will be sent, updated automatically once established.

Emergency Contact Edit

At least one Wizarding contact is required; however, Muggleborns can also add their Muggle relatives to this list, in which case the Wizarding contact will be their Head of House.

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Muggle and Magical Assimilation Edit

Depending on a student’s background, they may have a better understanding of one world over another. This is not dependent on blood status but rather their upbringing, especially when it comes to the question of how much interaction they had with the Muggle or Wizarding worlds. Special courses have been designed for the first year curriculum to tackle a problem of 'unequal footing', and although they are short, it results in a more secure foundation for the building of future knowledge, either magical or mundane.

((Characters have 10 starting points to distribute here over two skills. For a purely wizard-raised child with no knowledge of the Muggle World, their Magical World Awareness skill would be maxed out at 10, but they would have zero points in the Muggle World Awareness skill. The reverse would occur for a Muggleborn student who has had no previous contact with the magical world. An exception may occur for half-bloods, or more progressive Purebloods, who may take the starting points and spread it however they wish between the two worlds.))

  • Muggle World Awareness: __ / 10
    • An understanding of Muggle culture and how to function without magic in their world without attracting attention.
  • Magical World Awareness: __ / 10
    • An understanding of magical culture and holidays––information about the Wizarding World that Muggle-raised children may not know instinctively.

Practical Magic Edit

  • Combat Magic: 0 / 50
  • Transfiguration: 0 / 50
  • Charms: 0 / 50
  • Healing: 0 / 50
  • Spell Creation: 0 / 50
  • Potions: 0 / 50

Theoretical Magic Edit

  • Magical Languages: 0 / 50
  • History: 0 / 50
  • Herbology: 0 / 50
  • Arithmancy: 0 / 50
  • Astronomy: 0 / 50
  • Alchemy: 0 / 50


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