An old Peugeot that travels an unexpected 270 mph serves as Salem Witches’ Institutes’ main form of transportation in the beginning and end of the school year. In the front seats of The Peregrine is Mercury, who is behind the wheel, and Pluto, who navigates. They are both notorious for being bad at each other’s skills – Pluto is a terrible driver and Mercury gives the worst directions; unfortunately, at night when Mercury is too tired, Pluto drives and Mercury navigates. The car stops at small bus stops in the capitals of every state in order to pick up the students; the bus stops are enchanted so that students go through the wall of the bus stop hut to get to The Peregrine’s bus stop.

Pluto hands students room numbers as they climb into the back of the car. In the back of the car, instead of seats, there is a small trap door with stairs going downwards. The trap door leads to the stairwell of the Peregrine Hotel. There are forty floors in the Peregrine Hotel, each floor holding forty-five rooms. The rooms are simple and small, with the furniture nailed down. The rooms have a mini fridge, a bed, a dresser, and a TV. Every floor has two sets of gendered bathrooms. Every room has a window that shows the road and the scenery with blinds to pull over and intercoms that are typically used to ask Mercury and Pluto questions – most students just keep it on so they can listen to the vulgar old women fighting and arguing, which they do nonstop. At the bottom of the hotel, there is a hangout area for the students as well as a cafeteria.