The current state of unrest relating to perceived persecution of minority magical creatures is ramping up in terms of violence on both sides, but it had to begin somewhere. Some say that the air of unease was amplified at the end of turmoil in the European countries in the late 1990s, when many dark wizards who supported the Dark Lord Voldemort openly or silently either fled the country (through illicit and illegal means) or were put into exile, either mandated by the Ministry of Magic or public perception of their families.

It is certainly true campaigners in the Republic of Magic began anti-creature rights movements in 2002, where a bill proposed by progressive campaigners was shot down that would have prevented business-owners in magical areas from discriminating against patrons of magical creature status. For those who could not pass as human or were otherwise undesirable––goblins, leprechauns, centaur and giants––this proved to be a great problem.

Later, several store-keepers would begin lining their doors and shops with bits of silver to ward off against werewolves, leading to a near-fatal incident for werewolf Louis Sarkozi in 2007. In a high profile legal battle () taken on pro bono by his representatives in the magical court of law, Mr. Sarkozi eventually lost his claim. This set a terrible precedent for werewolf rights across the United States of America. To add further salt in the wound, the production of Wolfsbane Potion became severely restricted not a year later, ramping up the already-expensive price tenfold.

Similar cases for various species of magical creature cropped up all over, again and again, however there was no organised movement to stage a rebellion until December 15th, 2014. The is considered to be the inciting event to the current political turmoil. was a centaur who was peacefully protesting with his colony over the poaching of his people for sport by dark witches and wizards in Idaho. The support for this movement was strong, and a large crowd formed in support of him and his goals on the outskirts of Champlain Forest, Oregon. A similarly large––or vocal––group formed to counter-protest in the same location. The aurors were called in when violence had already begun to break out on the fringes, and the intention was to disperse them with crowd-controlling spells.

At some point, a centaur (not Alphard) made threats of violence to Auror who stood on the front lines, ensuring that neither side attacked each other. He later stated that this shook him so much that when he saw Alphard "making movements towards him" later on in the day, he felt that his life was threatened, and fatally hit the centaur with a Killing Curse––something that is allowed by aurors, but only in the most dangerous of circumstances.

As of today, most believe that Fomalhaut has not been justly punished for his killing of Alphard, as he is currently an auror, just not on active duty in his community. When this was revealed, mass revolts began in protest of this move and the overall discrimination of magical creatures by the authorities and many people (though not a majority) in the magical community. Some witches and wizards, and even some creatures, believe that this is not the right way to make a statement and that fighting violence with more violence is not the right way to go about it; however, this has not stopped the rioting taking place all over magical territories.