The Republic of Magic is the governing body of the United States of America’s wizarding community. In Colonial times, the Republic of Magic had been under the thumb of the Ministry of Magic in Britain. When their muggle counterparts began to rebel against British rule, American wizards were quick to take up arms to gain their rights as their own sovereign nation. After they won against the Ministry of Magic, they began to build themselves into a federalist nation: The Republic of Magic was officially born.

The Republic of Magic differs from United States of America only slightly. While they both administered Montesquieu’s separation of powers philosophy into three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative, USA gave more power to the states than the Republic of Magic did. This is often a point of criticism amongst WUSA (Wizard United States of America, coined by teen stoners in the 1970s) politicians and citizens, it hasn’t changed much since being written up. Mostly, wizarding state governments have the same rights except for education rights and welfare rights – though they still have health rights, but those are easily overruled by federal government if wished.

Like muggles, The Republic of Magic ignored George Washington’s words and had political parties. However, unlike the USA, The Republic of Magic has a three-party system: two larger parties and a third, smaller party. The three political parties are: Unitary Party, Confederate Party, and the smaller Progressive Revolutionary Party (also known as Rollers).

The current president is Odin Oppenheimer, a member of the Unitary Party.