Tituba students value harmony most of all. The house with the least conflicts and rivalry is definitely this one. The Tituba house was founded on the values of candor, acceptance and loyalty and the students of this house exemplify that. Tituba students are unyieldingly loyal, honest and true. Deceit and underhanded methods are unacceptable to them, as fairness is also another core value of this house.

If you're looking for a friend, Tituba is a good place to start.

It's not all fun games in this house however. Tituba's reputation is not as good as one would imagine. They're commonly regarded as a group of rejects and underachievers due to the fact that students who don't fit in any other house are often placed in Tituba. Therefore not every student exhibits Tituba's ideals as much as they should. Additionally Tituba has produced the least amount of notable witches and wizards and that further reinforces the reputation of underachieving students.

Although Tituba may accept anyone and everyone, at its core the students are hardworking and true.