The students in the Warren house are often at the top of their classes, boasting the best scores in the entire school. This house values learning and intelligence above all else, and all Warren students have a thirst for knowledge. Consequently, they're usually regarded as snobby nerds who reject anyone who's "dumb and different" but one would find that the opposite is actually true. People who are quirky and weird tend to be sorted into this house as well because Warren values all knowledge, even if they're considered strange and unnecessary by others.

The Warren house can be helpful in terms of academics, but many of them tend to be arrogant about their intelligence as well.

There's no denying that Warren is one of the more competitive houses, and that can be both good and bad — depending on each individual perspective. Some people see it as an opportunity for smart students to challenge each other and grow; others see it as an insatiable need to be the best, and will work themselves to the bone to outsmart and beat everyone else and their fellow housemates. Most Warrens see it as a mixture of both: Friendly competition that perhaps can teeter on a bit much at times.

Being in Warren means that there's more pressure to do well, however. Warren has a reputation to maintain after all, to remain the house with the smartest.